Listed below are the home sale stats for Regency @ Dominion Valley Country Club from Jan-Jun 2019.  Volume of sales has decreased first half of this year about 33% for both condos and detached homes.  Attached homes rose in volume from 4 sales to 7 sales.  There were 26 homes that sold the first half of 2019.  Values are down also comparing this year for same time period last year.  Down 6% for detached homes and almost 8% for condos.  Attached homes were down only 1%.  There were not many sales in each category to make the analysis statisically viable.  We will do the annual report at the end of the year when there will be a larger sample size and thus having more data to draw viable conclusions about Regency’s market.  In meantime, here are the sales in price order (lowest to highest) for the neighborhood and the average and median sales prices!