Cathy’s Home Team has had a plethora of sales in Dominion Valley Country Club over the last 14 years since 2004.  Below are the list of sales completed for both Sales and Rentals in Dominion Valley.  Cathy along with her husband Dave have lived in DV since 2002.  We have watched the community grow from 50 homes to now over 2200 residences.  It’s been fun to watch the community develop.  We lived here before there were traffic lights along Rt. 15, before there was a golf course, country club, or any of the other amenities built.  We have been long time residents and know the DV and surrounding Haymarket/Gainesville community very well.  The testiment to our success are the number of sales we have conducted in DV.  Check them out!



Rental Transactions by Cathy’s Home Team since 2004